The latest version of CreativeEngine, Samsung’s innovative content creation platform, makes generating high-quality content easier and more affordable than ever.

An LED display is only as good as its content. You can have the highest resolution, fastest refresh rate, tightest pixel pitch, and most advanced interactive capabilities. None of it means much if your content isn’t fresh, engaging, and relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach.

But how do you generate that kind of head-turning content on a consistent basis? Moreover, how do you do so quickly and cost-effectively? Solving just one of these challenges is difficult enough, and many companies struggle with all of the above. That’s where CreativeEngine comes in.

Future proof your investment with the right LED display

Simplifying LED sign content creation

CreativeEngine is a platform that makes it fast, easy and affordable for sign companies and sign owners to create high-quality LED sign content. Built by Prismview, a Samsung company, the platform allows users to customize pre-built templates with their own color, text, images and more.

“The whole point of CreativeEngine is to make it as simple as possible to create content for LED displays,” says Scott Durrant, Creative Group Designer at Prismview. “No other system can generate professional content for LED signs at such a low price, with such a fast turnaround time. Content is generated in minutes.”

In addition to the intuitive platform, CreativeEngine offers an in-house team of graphic designers to help with customizations and remote scheduling options to enable users to schedule content updates in advance.

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Taking LED sign content creation to the next level

Samsung-Prismview launched CreativeEngine in 2017, and was recently redesigned to deliver even greater value to sign companies and owners. Here are a few of the key benefits:

  • New (and better) pricing. CreativeEngine is available for just $29 per month for Prismview display owners.
  • Free all-access pass for 6 months. To celebrate the redesign, Prismview is giving away 6 months of unlimited access to the entire site—including all templates, as well as the stock media library. The offer is retroactive, so even if you have a Prismview or Yesco display already, you’re still eligible.
  • More content. The new site has a greatly expanded selection of templates and stock media items for you to choose from, giving you the versatility you need to stand out and make an impact.
  • Simpler search. Prismview updated and improved the search functionality on CreativeEngine’s stock media library and templates to make finding the perfect content easier than ever.
  • Fast-rendering HD templates. Templates have been updated to support HD high resolution displays up to 1920×1920 and lower. In addition, the templates are now optimized for lightning-quick rendering, so you can create custom videos even faster.

Anyone can use the latest iteration of CreativeEngine. There’s no graphic design or tech skill needed. “We’ve completely redesigned the step-by-step process of creating content to make it even easier to use,” says Durrant. “We’ve bridged the gap between professional content and inexperienced users.”

Like any great partnership, the relationship between an LED display and its content is a symbiotic one. Each is only as good as the other. And when they’re working well together, the total effect far supersedes the sum of its parts. Making that effect as strong as possible is what CreativeEngine is all about.

Bring your content to life with the latest LED technology.

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