Retailers and shoppers alike benefit from mobile point-of-sale (mPOS): It allows associates to sell from anywhere buying decisions are made — from the sales floor to the outdoor market or parking lot to the customer’s home — and modernizes the shopping experience, while reducing the time customers need to spend in line checking out. This is increasingly important today, as COVID-19 has forced retailers to rethink their in-store shopping strategy to ensure the safety of both their employees and their customers — all without losing sales.

With mPOS, retailers often see a substantial revenue boost. According to a 2020 Capterra report, 87 percent of retailers said mobile payments can improve cash flow by eliminating wait times. Simultaneously, mPOS also offers consumers a more engaging, convenient and personalized buying experience.

No wonder 57 percent of retailers have started or will start an mPOS device upgrade within the next 24 months. If you’re one of the minority who haven’t, here’s some advice to help you get started so you, too, can capitalize on the benefits.

Finding the right device for retail

When deciding to implement mPOS in retail, it’s important to choose the right mobile device. Rugged devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 are tough enough for all retail environments — from superstores with concrete floors to outdoor places like garden centers and buy online, pickup at curb (BOPAC) locations. Retail has its hazards — like drops, dust and spilled liquids — that can affect device performance and lifespan. But the Tab Active3 is up to the challenge with its rugged design, long-lasting battery power and flexible software compatibility. It’s a secure, business-ready device that looks and feels like the consumer devices associates already carry.

Here are six reasons the rugged device is ready for all your retail needs:

1. It’s rugged and reliable

The Tab Active3 meets the MIL-STD-810G standard for military-grade toughness, and it’s IP68 certified, meaning it can stand up to water, dust and debris. Inevitably, the device will get dropped onto a concrete floor, sprayed with water, dusted with powder from a damaged carton of detergent or cocoa — but it won’t be deterred.

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The device features a robust battery that runs for up to 11 hours, so it can work continuously through a full-day shift without a battery swap. If it needs to go out for a double shift, though, the Galaxy Tab Active3’s battery is field-replaceable. And for kiosk deployments, No Battery mode enables all day operation without the headaches of battery management.

2. It’s designed for the job

By using mobile devices instead of desktop computers, retail associates can carry their POS station anywhere they go. The Tab Active3 was designed to thrive in varied conditions. Its lightweight and portable, apron-friendly design lets workers take it wherever they need. Associates can get customer sign-off on the go using the included S Pen. And with Knox Capture, workers can seamlessly capture barcodes with the camera’s enterprise-grade scanning. It’s just as useful on cold days in the snow, because associates can effortlessly use the Tab Active3 — and any other Samsung rugged devices — with gloves on.

3. It’s mobile payment–ready

The Tab Active3 is equipped with EMV Level 1 certified NFC built in — no additional hardware required. NFC allows retailers to offer the ultimate in payment convenience and speed. U.S. merchants are still catching up on adopting fully contactless transactions, but the shift is inevitable. Visa alone has supported the issuing of 300 million contactless Visa-branded cards in the U.S. market.

4. It keeps your data secure

The Tab Active3 is built on the Samsung Knox platform, providing multilayered, government-grade security from the chip up. Your sensitive data — and that of your customers — is protected with advanced, comprehensive security around the clock, even if the device gets lost or stolen away from the store.

5. It’s easy to manage

Samsung offers a suite of mobile device management (MDM) services, which make it easy to bulk enroll, configure and manage all your mPOS devices at once. You can bulk enroll devices using Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), for example, then manage them throughout the life cycle using Knox Manage, and update your devices’ firmware remotely using Knox E-FOTA. Better yet, all of these solutions are included in the Tab Active3 Enterprise Edition for one year, along with a five-year security maintenance release. Already have an MDM? KME works with all the biggest names in device management, so you can get your entire fleet of devices up and running in your existing MDM in no time.

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6. It works without Wi-Fi

The Tab Active3 is available with LTE connectivity as well as Wi-Fi, so transactions keep flowing and customers keep moving — even when an associate is in the parking lot or on the go. Their tablets will always stay connected to the apps, data and processing services that are critical to your mobile business operations and more importantly, your customers’ satisfaction.

Standing up to retail wear and tear

Retail environments are more rough-and-tumble than they might look — even in luxurious designer stores with concrete floors and dust generated by clothing. Rugged devices like the Tab Active series are purpose-built to stand up to wear and tear, making them ideal mPOS platforms for any work environment. Together with enhanced retail-friendly features like NFC, remote management, Knox Capture and Knox security, the Tab Active3 can help you satisfy customers’ growing demand for mPOS — and drive revenue in the process.

See how Walmart transformed the retail associate experience by providing 740,000 rugged Samsung devices to their employees. Are you making the most of mobile devices in your store? See where you stand in our free three-minute assessment.

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