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From the office to the commute and beyond: How Samsung and Android power the needs of modern financial services

For modern financial service firms, work no longer just happens in the office or at a desk. It’s become essential for your employees to have flexibility in a rapidly evolving environment, including the need for improved mobile productivity. However, that flexibility brings challenges when you need to provide responsive, secure mobile technology that can increase productivity in the office, at home and on-site with a client.

Your workers are always connected and expect mobile connectivity when carrying out their jobs. Though many financial firms such as advisory firms and investment banks are calling workers back to the office, it’s often on a hybrid basis or by allowing workers to stay at home even one day a week. Nearly 75% of full-time finance and insurance employees still work a fully remote or hybrid schedule. With so many still at home, even occasionally, security for financial firms carries an even greater priority than before. For bank branch employees and insurance field agents, improved mobile solutions can increase productivity and service levels.

Whether your employees are wealth managers, bankers or field workers, such as insurance claims adjusters, Samsung provides a broad and versatile range of devices that work together to improve productivity while offering the information security you need — all powered by the open and flexible Android operating system. That’s why Samsung’s fleet of easy-to-deploy mobile devices and multi-layered security can help empower your workers to deliver superior customer service. The newest Galaxy Book4 Series, for example, features dynamic displays and powerful Intel® processors to help your workers elevate every experience, whether in the office or the field.

With seamless capabilities like Samsung DeX, S Pen compatibility and next-level integration of Microsoft and Google Cloud tools, employees have a network of seemingly unlimited possibilities at their fingertips from almost anywhere including a retail banking branch, a client site, or straight from their desk.

However, with the rise of the mobile and hybrid workforce comes increased security and compliance concerns. A fully secured mobile workforce protects you and your employees from security risks while they are on the go. Samsung Knox Suite, our end-to-end offering for device security, deployment, management and analytics, provides you with a complete set of tools to secure, deploy and manage your enterprises’ mobile device fleet.

Technology for flexible in-office solutions

In today’s digital-first world, even traditional office and branch-based workflows demand more flexibility. Today’s customers and clients are always on and connected at home, at work, on the go and when visiting a branch or office, and thus, they expect a connected experience from financial services firms. Here’s how — with the right technology — they can provide that seamless, connected customer experience.

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With the Galaxy Connected Experience for business, your employees can unite their worlds across phone, PC, tablet, Buds and Watch. Galaxy devices work together seamlessly so your team can do more effortlessly and reach peak productivity, while still keeping sensitive business data secure.

Retail banks

While mobile technology for online banking has become a mainstay, the retail branch experience is catching up, with more employees expected to meet customers on the branch floor. Bank executives are looking for tellers to morph into universal bankers, greeters and associate bankers who can provide immediate and personalized service to customers from almost anywhere in the branch. But legacy systems and peripherals often keep those workers tethered to their desks for transactions. What if they could be provided a single, multifunctional device? A device that enables them to scan and verify IDs and checks, allows customers to enter their pin securely and provides universal bankers with a desktop-like experience at or away from their desk?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, for example, can provide bank associates with the ability to clock in for work through HHP as well as scan customer IDs and pull up account details for in-person assistance. It also replaces the in-person customer experience with a self-check-in option using a thin client PC and POS/pin pad device — all at about a quarter of the price.

Galaxy S24 for Business lets your bank associates conduct bank business in foreign languages on the spot, right from inside the Samsung Phone app, using Live Translate. With Live Translate, associates can now translate conversations during important business transactions or even create presentations for a multilingual audience.

Wealth managers

With the rise of hybrid work, more financial and wealth advisors need to be ready to serve clients in and out of the office at a moment’s notice. Galaxy Z Fold Series features Bloomberg and other apps optimized for Fold, along with a multi-window experience that allows advisors to access stocks and manage meetings, all in a single view. Your advisors can research their client’s portfolio before a client visit and easily sign documents digitally at the client’s office. Afterward, they can use flex mode at a café to catch up with colleagues in the office through a video call.

To achieve a complete desktop experience, there’s Samsung DeX, a PC-like experience powered entirely by a Galaxy phone or tablet. Samsung DeX connects a mobile phone or tablet to a bigger screen, keyboard and mouse, enabling your employees to interact with multiple apps simultaneously. They have the ability to email, text, organize business files and access business productivity apps, further supporting a wealth manager’s client engagement.

On-the-go and client-site solutions

For insurance claims adjusters, work rarely takes place in an office. For instance, insurance claims adjusters must often work out of their car with equipment that is not optimized for on-the-road, field-ready solutions. The claims process can also be cumbersome, with the need to carry and work across multiple gadgets and devices, including a laptop, mobile phone and MiFi.

Mobile devices such as Galaxy Tab Active5 can provide greater flexibility for on-site work. The Galaxy Tab Active5 provides access to 5G, pictures, video, optimized productivity tools and apps. The device is antishock, holds up in extreme weather conditions and can help your adjusters map routes as they travel from site to site.

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Through Samsung DeX, an adjuster can enjoy full mobility with a rugged touchscreen monitor, a keyboard with a touchpad connected to a Samsung mobile device or tablet, free OS updates through Android, and a shorter one- to two-year average hardware recycle program.

A fully secured mobile workforce

Financial services firms must ensure security and regulatory compliance. Android’s core security foundation, combined with Samsung Knox’s hardware-based and advanced real-time protection, addresses today’s most demanding security challenges. And our flexible platform and comprehensive set of Android Enterprise management APIs address every use case from locked-down to open use. That’s why Samsung’s fleet of easy-to-deploy mobile devices and multi-layered security can help empower your employees to deliver superior customer service.

One Samsung for a multi-device and expansive screen experience

Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and tablets are productivity powerhouses that help employees complete various financial services tasks. They allow employees to view, review, collaborate and get things done on one device, whether in the office, in transit or visiting a client. Samsung provides an end-to-end solutions package, including device, accessory, solution, service and tech support.

With Samsung Business Financing, you can purchase all of these Samsung solutions from the Galaxy Connected Ecosystem with net terms and extended financing options. You can also easily add extra devices with flexible terms that expand with your evolving business.

For a full overview of all Samsung technology solutions for the finance industry, please visit this page. And sign up for a Samsung Business Account to get exclusive offers, including volume pricing discounts, on our Rugged devices, as well as our newest devices like Galaxy S24 Series and Galaxy Z Fold5.

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