Earlier this summer, Samsung joined forces with Route1 to bring a new mobile productivity solution to market that combines the power of Samsung Dex with MobiKEY. Together, they enable Department of Defense (DoD) personnel to gain mutually authenticated and secure remote access to any government computer, and initiate secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) sessions — so they can get work done wherever the mission takes them.

To share some additional insights into how the solution is addressing a critical market need, I sat down with Michael Seiler, Program Director, Navy/USMC at Route1, Inc.

Q: What are the most significant trends impacting today’s federal workforce today?

Michael Seiler: Mobility and security are the two driving trends in government today. It is critical to have access to data at all times; however, workers need the flexibility to be outside the four walls. The ability to connect to federal computers and network resources from any device on any network safely and securely enables true workforce mobility.

Q: What does the future of work look like for DoD personnel?

Seiler: Mobility is fundamentally changing how agencies operate, and we see it as a key enabler for empowering personnel to get work done in new ways. The DoD, in particular, has a need for their users to be able to leverage the ability to work from anywhere, using any type of computing device and securely connect to their DoD enterprise network.

Q: How did the Route1 MobiKEY secure remote access solution come to be?

Seiler: There was a need for DoD users to utilize their government IDs and personal assets to gain access to DoD resources. MobiKEY first started in the commercial world, but was quickly adapted by the DoD to fit their remote access needs. The challenge was providing the capability to access data without the security risks involved in data leaving the DoD enclave, as well as controlling personal access levels to DoD resources by using CAC/PIV cards.

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Q: How does MobiKEY work together with Samsung DeX?

Seiler: MobiKEY leverages Samsung DeX and its ability to provide a desktop-like experience by connecting the latest Galaxy smartphone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. This combination provides DoD users a unique productivity solution while also enabling full and secure access to the DoD computer and all network resources.

Q: What is so unique about Route1’s partnership with Samsung?

Seiler: The combined MobiKEY and DeX solution is the only solution on the market today that converts a mobile phone into a PC-like experience so users can gain full remote access to their government computers and networks. Not only does this enhance productivity, but it also allows DoD to benefit from cost savings by reducing the infrastructure and number of devices to manage per employee.

Q: What can DoD do now that they could not before thanks to the joint solution?

Seiler: Users can now securely maximize their mobility options by facilitating a BYOD model that doesn’t require them to juggle numerous devices. Security is key, and DoD personnel can use CAC or PIV cards to initiate AES and TLS-encrypted, 256-bit, mutually-authenticated connection using the joint solution.

Q: Where can readers find more information about the solution?

Seiler: The joint solution will be showcased at the upcoming Air Force Information Technology & Cyberpower Conference held August 27-29 in Montgomery, Alabama. If you’re not attending, you can find more information about the solution on the Dex and MobiKEY solution page, including resources such as a webinar, video, articles and more. For more details on MobiKEY, you can contact me directly at michael.seiler@route1.com or reach out to Samsung’s Jamie Wu, Senior Manager, Department of Defense, at jamieson.wu@sea.samsung.com.

Watch this video to see how DoD personnel can work remotely and connect securely with their mobile devices.

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