Today’s mobile field workers are data-centric, wirelessly connected and often work in tough outdoor environments — where they can benefit from rugged tablets that are equally capable and tough, like the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3.

Equipped with an 8-inch high-resolution touchscreen, the rugged Tab Active3 supports frontline workers with an advanced S Pen for note-taking and programmable keys that can provide one-touch access to key apps. Users can also use the tablet with gloved hands in Enhanced Touch mode.

The Tab Active3 is compactly designed and built to meet military and industry standards for ruggedness and resistance to dirt, dust and water immersion. Whether you are looking for a rugged in-vehicle telematics solution for your fleet, a tablet for warehouse scanning and inventory management, or a collaboration tool for field service teams, this new tablet can deliver the employee and customer experience you need.

Here are 10 field-ready features that make the Tab Active3 perfect for frontline workers:

1. Military-grade design

The Galaxy Tab Active3 meets the U.S. Department of Defense’s MIL-STD-810H ruggedness standard. Being military-grade means the Tab Active3 operated normally after testing that included being dropped 26 times from 5 feet onto plywood and being exposed to temperatures ranging from −40 F to 176 F. The tablet has also survived being blasted with harsh rain, salt spray and solar radiation — and exposed to pressure simulating altitudes up to 15,000 feet.

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In addition, the Tab Active3 is IP68 compliant, meaning it has been immersed in 5 feet of water for 30 minutes at a time, and functioned normally afterward, and is similarly protected against sand and dust particles.

2. S Pen

A rugged Samsung S Pen stylus allows you to write directly on the Tab Active3’s touchscreen. For taking notes, annotating drawings or filling out forms, the S Pen adds an extra level of functionality. Like the Tab Active3 itself, the S Pen is IP68-certified for water and dirt/dust resistance. The pen is durable and fits snugly into the top of the tablet’s case.

3. Programmable Active key

It’s common for frontline workers to access one or two apps or functions many times during the workday. For quick access to these apps, the Tab Active3 has a programmable physical key on the side of the device with two user options: press and press-and-hold. Just configure your apps of choice to the button following the simple setup process, and the quick-access Active key provides a shortcut for your workers’ most common tasks.

Enterprises can also use Samsung’s Knox device management tools to configure the Active key to specific actions within apps, such as initiating a push-to-talk (PTT) conversation, for an entire fleet of devices.

4. Keep your gloves on

To use the Tab Active3, your gloves don’t have to come off. The tablet’s touchscreen is purpose-built to support users wearing gloves or working in wet conditions. The tablet’s Enhanced Touch setting enables gloved hands to use the touchscreen, while physical back, home and recent buttons simplify navigation.

5. Wireless DeX

The Tab Active3 is enabled with Samsung DeX, letting you power a desktop computing experience on an external display. To use DeX, just connect the Tab Active3 to any display with an HDMI input (using an HDMI-to-USB-C adapter or cable). Displays equipped with Miracast, such as Samsung Smart Monitors and TVs, can connect to the tablet wirelessly. You can also add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, allowing users to access all of their mobile and web apps in a fully realized desktop setting.

6. Smart connectivity

Multiple connectivity options are essential for today’s mobile workforce. The Tab Active3 uses Wi-Fi 6 and 2×2 MIMO to keep your team connected even in low-coverage areas. For continuous connectivity on the go, the tablet comes in LTE-connected models.

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7. Long-lasting, fast-charging battery

The Tab Active3 comes with a long-lasting 5,050mAh battery that won’t stop until your day does. This removable battery is field-swappable and recharges quickly using durable pogo pins that work with drop-on charging units.

8. No Battery mode

The Tab Active3 works in No Battery mode when it’s connected to a dedicated power source. In a vehicle, you can plug the Tab Active3 directly into a power source and operate safely with the battery removed. No Battery mode is great for fixed kiosk deployments as well.

9. Knox security and biometric ID

The Tab Active3 is protected against cyberattacks by Samsung Knox, Samsung’s defense-grade mobile security platform. The tablet also supports biometric authentication, via a built-in fingerprint scanner.

10. Enterprise Edition

The Tab Active3 Is the first U.S. tablet to be Enterprise Edition-ready out of the box. With Tab Active3 Enterprise Edition, you get a one-year free license to the entire Knox Suite, a three-year product life cycle assurance, and five years of security maintenance releases. Using all the tools included in Knox Suite, including the Knox Manage EMM and Knox Platform for Enterprise, you can easily enroll, manage and update hundreds of devices as if they were one.

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