Today’s mobile workforce relies on efficiency, especially when it comes to completing service orders and fulfilling customer needs in the field. Whether your business is involved in warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, field services or outdoor utility work, your team can benefit from rugged tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 is uniquely suited to meet these in-field needs. The military-grade rugged tablet can endure all kinds of harsh conditions — and gives mobile users full access to the connected productivity features they enjoy at the office. When back at the office, they can also take advantage of a true desktop computing experience using Samsung DeX to connect to a monitor.

To make it easy for mobile workers to access their most commonly used apps, the Galaxy Tab Active3 also features two programmable physical buttons: the red Active Key and the Side Key. Both are easily accessible on the right side of the Tab Active3.

Here’s how to program these keys so you can open your most-used apps in a single press, even while wearing gloves:

How to program the Active Key on the Tab Active3

The Active Key can be programmed to provide access to two different apps. You access the first app by pressing the Active Key once, and the second app by pressing and holding the Active Key until the app launches. Note: The Active Key’s default [Press] app is Camera. The default [Press and hold] app is Calendar.

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To change these settings:

  1. Open the Settings menu from the Quick Panel.
  2. Select Advanced Features.
  3. Tap Active Key.
  4. Select the [Press] action.
  5. From the options available, select your app of choice, such as Microsoft Teams.
  6. Now select the [Press and hold] action.
  7. From the options available, select your app of choice, such as Scandit Logistics.
  8. If you want apps to be accessible while the screen is locked, toggle on that setting now.
  9. Once programmed, you can exit the settings menu and test it out.

How to program the Side Key on the Tab Active3

The Side Key is a programmable power button with three functions:

  • A single press locks the device, just as it does on most Android devices.
  • A quick double press can launch the camera, the Bixby voice assistant or another app.
  • A press and hold can launch Bixby or take you to the power off menu.

You can program the Side Key with a similar step-by-step process:

  1. Open the Settings menu from the Quick Panel.
  2. Select Advanced Features.
  3. Tap Side Key.
  4. Select the [Double Press] action.
  5. From the options available, select your app of choice, such as Camera.

Businesses can also configure these programmable buttons further by taking advantage of Knox APIs. For example, an Active button press can be mapped to perform specific action within your apps, such as initiating a conversation in a push-to-talk service. Contact Samsung to discuss solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

The right tool for mobile workers

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 is purpose-built for mobile workers. It meets the U.S. Department of Defense’s MIL-STD-810H standard, which means the device has passed 22 tests for toughness — including being dropped 26 times from 5 feet up. The Tab Active3 is also IP68 compliant for water, dirt and dust resistance, including 30 minutes submerged in 5 feet of water. Add the Tab Active3’s proven ability to function in extreme weather conditions, and this tablet is more than tough enough for the field.

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The Tab Active3 can also last all day on a single battery — which you can swap out in the field. For in-vehicle or kiosk use cases, you can run the device without a battery by keeping it plugged into an external power source. And because of its programmable buttons, S Pen and enhanced touch, you can use it even while wearing gloves.

That’s not all: The Tab Active3 supports a full range of business-specific apps, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and near-field communication (NFC), while protecting your data with Samsung Knox defense-grade security.

Not sure whether the Tab Active3 is right for your business? Take Samsung’s free short assessment to find the tablet best suited to your needs. And while you’re away from the office, discover Samsung’s other solutions for working remotely.

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