Imagine this: As your guests stroll into your lobby, their eyes are immediately drawn to a larger-than-life video wall. They take in local landscapes, landmarks and characters, all in vibrant detail. This is their first impression of your location — and it will be their last impression after they check out.

LED video walls — like Samsung’s The Wall for Business and The Wall All-in-One — can visually transport your guests in powerful ways, with real payoff. According to a May 2021 research report published by MarketsandMarkets, the global market for large-format displays is projected to grow from $13.1 billion to $18.6 billion by 2026. A key driver fueling this growth is the commercial sector’s increasing adoption of digital signage and interactive displays.

In hospitality, operators are using LED displays to create “wow” moments for guests as soon as they enter the lobby, board the ship or retire to their hotel suite.

Creating memorable moments with The Wall

The Wall for Business, Samsung’s show-stopping microLED display, helps operators create high-impact first impressions. Its modular, customizable design can fit a variety of spatial designs. And with its HDMI compatibility, The Wall can connect to any OS just like a regular TV — without any complicated configurations. Advanced microLED technology and other color-enhancing features, such as its Ultra Chroma and Quantum HDR technology, let The Wall display vibrant colors in high definition, appealing to customers’ emotions and influencing their purchasing patterns.

Samsung’s latest Wall product, The Wall All-in-One, streamlines setup even further. Pre-assembled mounting brackets and docking plates allow users to install the LED video wall in two hours, and built-in speakers and a control box remove the need to purchase and configure external components.

One of The Wall’s unique features is its smooth, deep black background, which creates impressive contrast while increasing the practical benefits. Since the diodes are no longer exposed like on other LED displays, they are more resistant to impact and easier to clean. This becomes a critical feature when The Wall LED video display is installed in high-traffic areas such as a lobby, convention space, casino floor or performance theater, or when it is located in private guest room suites.

Another advantage of LED video walls in the hospitality industry is a multipurpose display solution that allows brands to rotate their content according to changing needs. A mural or a framed art piece may be beautiful to look at, but it results in a static customer experience. By contrast, The Wall leaves room for varied customer experiences and advertising opportunities. It’s easy to update with timely content like seasonal offers and deals or captivating imagery of surrounding attractions like white sand beaches, bustling nightlife or ziplines over granite mountains.

Hotel lobbies and meeting rooms

After a couple of turbulent years for the travel industry, people are back to exploring new places, visiting friends and family, and traveling for business. More than 6 million travelers passed through U.S. airports on Memorial Day weekend in 2022, and another 35 million traveled by car. As people visit new places, hotel lobbies are an ideal setting to showcase the full potential of an LED video wall.

Integrated with a hotel’s content management system (CMS), The Wall can deliver personalized greetings for individual guests, welcome messages for event attendees or wayfinding information for private functions. When the screen isn’t being used for specific messaging, an LED video wall can display captivating scenes of the city, its landmarks and landscapes, or other local highlights. You can even use The Wall in hotel meeting rooms, allowing businesses to support videoconferencing abilities using an impressive wall-filling display to present virtual participants.

High-end guest suites

Hotel video walls can also function as a centerpiece in high-end guest suites. Discerning travelers often look for a customized hospitality experience, and an LED video display meets the task. Guests can watch the game with their friends, curl up with a movie or catch up on recent news, all in dazzling detail, from the privacy of their suite. Even lower-resolution content looks phenomenal on The Wall, which uses AI upscaling technology to intelligently populate additional pixels and scale to 8K.

When a guest isn’t using the video wall, it can display curated art, photographs or video, in customizable framing that accentuates the space’s decor. The Wall’s modular microLED screen can be custom-fitted to any size and shape, for a bespoke and immersive viewing experience.

Digital transformation and the guest experience

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Casinos and convention centers

Wherever there’s a crowd in a large space, digital signage can be invaluable. In casinos, video walls can help move traffic through the building and inform guests about special events.

In April 2021, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority debuted The Wall in its West Hall, where it’s used as overhead directional signage and on interior pylons for greater visitor convenience and accessibility.

San Diego’s Sycuan Casino Resort instituted a similar large LED wall behind its front desk to display custom content and improve the guest experience. Video walls’ state-of-the-art technology allows management to update promotions and content in the moment, whether that’s to announce big winners or to guide visitors where they need to go. In sports book rooms, LED video walls can display multiple broadcasts in outstanding quality.

Cruise ships

As cruise lines bounce back from a couple difficult years, they are finding that travelers are expecting even more premium interactive experiences.

The Wall has diverse use cases on cruise ships, such as in performance theaters. It can even be incorporated into a ship’s physical architecture. MSC Cruises, for example, installed a Mediterranean-style retail and dining promenade featuring a 305-foot large-format Samsung display to wow guests onboard its largest ship, the Grandiosa. The Wall’s technology could be used similarly, or to welcome passengers and direct them toward dining, entertainment and cabin decks.

As travelers regain their wanderlust, hospitality operators must think of new and exciting ways to make their guests feel like VIPs. The Wall LED video display lets your brand deliver constantly relevant content moment by moment in a dazzling, immersive way that makes every visit unforgettable.

Learn more about how to redefine the guest experience with digital signage opportunities around every corner. And if you’re not sure The Wall suits your business needs, you can browse the other innovative video walls available from Samsung.

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